How to Prioritize your Training

by Coach Troy Jacobson

Coach Troy's Training Tips: How do i prioritize my training? 

I have a full time job and a family... how do I prioritize my training?


The less time you have available to train, the more focused and purposeful your training needs to be in order to be effective.

The good news is: I've discovered that most people can see marked improvement in the Sprint-to-Olympic distances on 7-10 hours per week, and in the Half and Full Ironman distances on 12-15 hours per week. 

The keys to success are:

1. Timing of the training progression.

2. Frequency of how often you train each sport.

3. Intensity of how hard you do each workout.

And while logging 20-30 hours a week of training can work too (i.e. the Volume theory), we'll reserve that training-time commitment for the pros and AG'ers with lots of free time on their hands.

For the ultra busy person, success starts with a plan of attack. Get a training plan!

One of mine would certainly be effective, but there are many others out there too that work just fine. You need that blueprint to follow and to help you stay on track, accountable and focused on your goals.

Next, make training an important priority and always do your key workout for the day FIRST.

They always say that the first thing you do in the morning (after going to the bathroom!) is the most important thing for you to do that day. When it comes to training for three sports, this makes sense.

I like for my athletes to train their key sport first, when their energy level is high and their muscles (and nervous system) is fresh. This way, the day won't "Get away" from you and next thing you missed your key workout session due to other stuff that cluttered your day.

Train early... get it done!

I mentioned that frequency is important—train often, not long—when you are short on time. If you only have 20 minutes, use it to do a run or to hit the elastic cords from some dryland work.

Try to maintain your momentum and boost your aerobic energy systems by doing 3-5 workouts per sport, each week, even if the workouts are short in duration.Busy people are the best at managing time and getting the most bang for the buck when it comes to training for triathlon. You don't need to train all day in order to become a stronger athlete.

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