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    Thanks for visiting my website and considering my coaching services!

    You take your training and racing very seriously and so do I. The coach / athlete relationship needs to be natural and synergistic for it to achieve optimal results, so having a conversation to see if we're a good fit is just so important. But first, I wanted to share some information so that you can get to know me a little better. Then, if you're ready, please schedule a consultation to see if we click!


    I've been a lucky man in that I got involved in triathlon in the late 1980's, and started coaching as a professional career in 1992 when I used to fax people workout schedules! My journey has led me down the path of racing as a professional triathlete, competing in IM Hawaii many times and winning some national races over the course of my career. That journey also included starting and owning several businesses in the Multisport category, including triathlon stores and founding the Spinervals Cycling Video series, among others.


    The next phase of my career, starting in my early 40's was to take on a national leadership position at Life Time Fitness as the head of the Endurance sports division. There I led a team of coaches at over 130 clubs nationwide where we offered training programs, coaching and support for our members interested in cycling, running and triathlon. I also served as the Official Coach of IRONMAN (2010-2012) and was one of a select few IM Master Coaches involved in developing the Ironman Coaching Certification. I've been so blessed throughout my career to combine my passion with my profession.

    Ah, the bike! Cycling has always been my favorite sport. I just love it! Back in my competitive racing days (the good 'ole days, LOL), I excelled at the half Iron distance bike distance of 56 miles although I had a few good days on the full Iron distance as well, including fastest bike splits at IM Penticton, CAN and IM FLORIDA!


    I leveraged my personal lessons on the bike along with that of the athletes I coached to develop the Spinervals Cycling workout series. It's been a privilege to pass that information and experience along to others as they seek to improve.


    Nowadays, I enjoy riding my Santa Cruz HT MTB and dabble in 24 Hour Solo, single speed races. This pic was from IM Kona on the Queen K around 2011, my 8th finish at that awesome race that means so much to triathletes worldwide.

    As every triathlete knows, the run is hard! Especially after cycling for 112 Miles! I have always enjoyed working with athletes in improving their run and finding their ideal pace off the bike.


    During my competitive racing days I experimented with several different run training strategies in order to discover the best one. I was able to glean some important and valuable insights that I passed on to my athletes who in turn experienced a high level of success.


    This pic was taken at the Life Time MN Tri over a decade ago. I wish I could run like that now!


    They say that with age comes wisdom. Well, after about 14 attempts, I was finally able to crack the 3 hr IM Marathon mark at the Iron distance (IM AZ) in 2010 at the age of 41. I went 2:59:55, LOL! Needless to say it was a very special moment.

    About 7 or so years ago, I started doing 24 Hour MTB races. First it was as part of a relay team, but then I decided I wanted to ride more so I started doing the race solo. I've done several now and have moved onto the Solo, Single Speed division. OUCH, that's a long day and night in the saddle! I'm a weekend warrior, but really enjoy the experience overall ... especially how it involves my family as my support crew. Biking, camping and family... the best!

    After my 10 year career as a national leader for Life Time Fitness, I decided it was time to grow as a professional and dive into a new career path outside of the health, fitness and athletics industry.

    Leveraging my experience as a small business owner for 17 years then as a corporate team leader for 10 years, I chose to enter the world of Executive Leadership Coaching and Business Consulting.


    My consulting practice at The Jacobson Leadership Academy is where I coach CEO's, Executives and Business owners about how to optimize their performance and grow their business, and I love it. Now I get to coach executives AND Athletes... who could ask for more in terms of fulfilling one's purpose?!


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